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We can’t believe that after all these years, graduation is just around the corner AND ONE YEAR EARLY!! We’re so proud of all that Dylan has accomplished.

The party in his honor originally scheduled for Sunday, August 23rd has been canceled due to an unavoidable conflict. Our home is on the market and the closing date is scheduled for the same day. Since there is no definite way to know the when and where of these things, we cannot schedule the party without knowing where to schedule the party.


It means so much to have all of you in our lives, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our new grad with you, even if only virtually! I know that many of you would like to send Dylan a gift for graduation and again, since an address is not definite at this point sending gifts via USPS is not a reliable source at this time. 

If you are one of those who would like to send Dylan a monetary gift, you may do so through this website. Or if you'd simply like to leave a message for Dylan, there is a guestbook where you can do so. If you'd like to swing by sometime to visit with Dylan while we're still in our home, we'd love to have you or you can give Dylan a call (281-728-8021). If you'd prefer to send a gift through USPS, please send it to the following address:

Vern Residence 

Attention Dylan B. Martin

3507 Lake Ridge Bend

Spring, TX 77380


Wendy & Jeff Martin

Dylan deep in thought...
Confirmed Christian
cool then, cool now...
When he wanted to be a musician
So handsome!
Sleep......guess you better get some before boot camp!
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